The Towa Organization (統和 機構, Towa Kikō) is the main antagonistic force of the Boogiepop Series. It is a mysterious corporation controlling the world from the shadows.


The Towa Organization is responsible for the creation of the synthetic humans, humans with amazing powers impossible for regular people. These abilities are often similar to the naturally occurring powers of the espers. The Organization names these individuals MPLS, and one of their goals is to eradicate all of them. Because of their constant attempts to hurt normal people, they are often forced to fight Boogiepop, who refuses to let them have their way.

They appear to have an almost unlimited amount of influence, being able to cover up all of the incidents they take part in, and kill any normal civilians, without suffering any consequences. According to Jin Asukai, the Towa Organization's main purpose is to test different stimuli on average people, and seeing the results, such as when they put some type of drug in random meals at a fast food restaurant, causing many deaths (one of which being Asukai's father).


A list of known members in the Towa Organization.


  • The name Towa is written with the characters for "ruling" and "peace".
  • Most of the codenames of the agents are references to popular western musicians.