Spooky E (スプーキーE, Supūkī E) is an antagonist of Boogiepop Returns: VS Imaginator. Possesor of the ability Spooky Electric (スプーキー エレクトリック, Supūkī Erekutorikku), he is a synthetic human and agent of the Towa Organization, along with Aya Orihata, sent to investigate Echoes' pillar of light, who later targeted Boogiepop.


Spooky E is a very aggressive and violent individual, being able to hurt and kill innocent people without batting an eyelid. When speaking, Spooky E usually wears a mocking grin and has a sarcastic attitude, often taking control of the interactions he participates in. This attitude is also seen in Spooky E's best "puppet", Kotoe Kinukawa, who he molded to act exactly the same as him and hold the same desires. Spooky E derives his confidence and will to live from the missions he is assigned by the Towa Organization, believing that becoming useless to them is worse than death. Subsequently, Spooky E gives it his all on every mission he is assigned, and is shown to have become a person of interest in the organization, being the one to give orders to many agents.

Despite his devotion to the Organization, Spooky E is also shown to posses personal desires outside of his orders, such as his obsession with getting his revenge on Boogiepop for cutting off his ear. This "selfish" aspect of him is what separates him from Aya Orihata, who initially appears to not possess any desires before falling in love with Masaki Taniguchi. As a consequence of his powerful abilities of mind control, Spooky E doesn't see other people as humans with their own selves, instead thinking of them as tool he can take and dispose of at his own convenience. When he found out that all of his puppets escaped his control, he started showing vulnerability, suggesting that he only feels adequate about his own life when he has others under his control.

After he suffered Jin Asukai's mental manipulation, Spooky E had his aggression removed, and was left unable to attack or hurt others, despite his wishes. After realizing that his entire way of life was destroyed, Spooky E showed a calm and composed demeanor for the first time, and killed himself using his ability, after commenting that he always wanted to try something of the sort. Spooky E developed a nervous habit of violently scratching his lost ear's wound, so much so that even his advanced healing wasn't able to recover it, which might symbolize his unwillingness to let go of his grudge.


SpookyE design

Spooky E is a tall and obese man with graying brown hair and black eyes. He is described as having thin arms and legs attached to an extremely overweight torso, giving off a grotesque image. After his encounter with Boogiepop, he was also left without one of his ears, and after having his plans ruined he is described as having all of his hair turned gray. He is shown wearing a red shirt with its sleeved torn, a black leather jacket over it, and black dark blue jeans. Inside all of his pockets, Spooky E holds cellphones, which he uses to contact all of the people under his control.

In the anime, Spooky E has long blonde hair, small black eyes and subtle facial hair. In a reversal of his original design, he wears a black T-shirt with a red leather jacket over it. He also wears green pants with two large bags attached to the belt, and a pair of brown boots.


The details of Spooky E's past are unknown, but it is known that he is a synthetic human created by the Towa Organization, sent by them in many missions, including the investigation of Echoes's pillar of light. At this time, during that investigation, Spooky E attempted to kill a normal boy named Shinjirou Anou, after taking control of him. That is when he was stopped by Boogiepop. Spooky E managed to avoid being killed by the shinigami, but had his ear cut of by him. Subsequently, Spooky E started chasing Boogiepop, looking for revenge.


  • Spooky Electric: Spooky E's ability, which allows him to emit an electromagnetic field from his arms, which he can control the intensity of. This allows Spooky E to not only attack his opponents by shocking them, but also is able to create "slaves" to him, by directly altering people's brainwaves using his electricity.


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  • Spooky E's codename is a reference to the musician Prince, who claimed to posses a "bad personality" named Spooky Electric.