Seiichi Kirima (霧間 誠一, Kirima Seīchi) is a prominent character in the Boogiepop Series. He is a famous novelist and non-fiction writer, the deceased father of Nagi Kirima, and the idol of Kazuko Suema.


Seiichi was a prolific writer who wrote not only stories, but also non-fiction books, mainly about psychology. He died in front of his daughter, Nagi's, eyes, of gastric perforation. Nagi described his death as "so horrble that during his autopsy, even a veteran nurse had to vomit from the smell". Following this event, Nagi's mother, who wanted nothing to do with Seiichi anymore, moved overseas and married someone named Taniguchi, who she had a child with, named Masaki Taniguchi. Nagi however, having a self-entitled father complex, kept his name.


Boogiepop and Others

Wanting to know more about multiple personality disorder, something that Touka Miyashita seemed to have, Keiji Takeda purchased a book about the subject, which happened to be written by Seiichi Kirima. Later, after finally having a conversation with her, Kazuko Suema learned that Nagi was, in fact the daughter of Seiichi Kirima, the famous writer, and Kazuko's personal idol. After that, Nagi proceeded to tell the girl the history of Seiichi's death and of the breaking up of her family.

Boogiepop Returns VS Imaginator

After defeating and cornering the malicious enemy of the world Suiko Minahoshi, before he killed her, Boogiepop dubbed the girl "the Imaginator", after Seiichi's famous book VS Imaginator. After recieving her new name, the Imaginator promised that she would return, before jumping off of the roof of Shinyo Academy's school building.

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  • Seiichi's last name, Kirima, is written with the characters for "mist" and "space".
  • Seiichi's first name is written with the characters for "reality" and "one".
  • Seiichi's works are not only referenced in the Boogiepop Series, but also in the Jiken series, also authored by Kouhei Kadono.