Echoes (エコーズ, Ekōzu) is a supporting character from Boogiepop and Others. He is an extraterrestrial lifeform who arrived to Earth in order to judge if the human race is worthy of survival.


In order to not divulge any information to humans, Echoes was made unable to speak any words that haven't already been said to him. As a consequence, from the perspective of others, Echoes appears to be a quiet man. The exception to this is Naoko Kamikishiro, who, for unexplainable reasons, is able to understand his thoughts.

Echoes seems to have a big sense of responsability, searching for the Manticore in order to stop it from attacking more humans, as he feels it was his fault the creature was born. Through-out his time on Earth, he became very confused about his feelings on humans, as, even though the ones who captured and harmed him were humans, both Naoko and Boogiepop helped him when he was in danger. In the end, he decides that humans are worth saving, and sacrifices himself to kill the Manticore and save Nagi Kirima.


Echoes design

Echoes takes the appearance of a young man with short brown hair and black eyes. Judging by how Kei Niitoki mistook him for a student when he wore a high-school uniform, it seems his apparant age is that of a high-school boy. He is seen wounded and wearing a tattered and torn brown jacket over a torn purple shirt, and blue jeans ripped apart at the ankles, giving off the appearance of a homeless man.

In the anime, Echoes looks significantly different, having long silver hair covering his yellow eyes, and wearing similarly ruined clothing. He has an orange jacket, ripped apart around his right arm, worn over a yellow T-shirt, black baggy pants and differently colored shoes.


Echoes' past is enigmatic, as he is unable to give out informaton, but what is known is that he was sent from outer space by some form of higher intelligence, in order to judge if humans are worthy of survival. Some time after his arrival, he was kidnapped by the Towa Organization, who conducted many experiments on him, and eventually created a clone from his DNA, who would later come to be known as the Manticore. The Manticore eventually killed every one of the researchers from the institute and escaped to the outside world. Echoes felt responsible for the creature's existence, and so set out to capture and kill it.


Boogiepop and Others

Boogiepop at Dawn

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  • As he is only able to repeat the words he has heard, he was named Echoes, after the Greek nymph, Echo. Echoes' name is also a reference to the song called Echoes from the album Meddle by Pink Floyd.